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This is Britain!
The Romans were in Britain until the beginning of 5. And the south-eastern part of the island were much Romanized. It was formed by five municipalities in the Roman style: Kamulodunum (now Colchester), Verulamium (St. Albans), Lindum (Lincoln), Glevum (Gloucester) and Eborakum (York). All but Verulamiuma, were military settlements. Other cities were founded as centers of areas. In architecture and urban planning, they followed the Roman models, as well as villas, being built in rural areas. There is evidence that the influence of Roman civilization was subjected to a more simple and popular culture. Particularly important role here played by a network of roads built by the Romans primarily for military purposes, but bring together the various parts of the province into a coherent whole. The main occupation of the population was agriculture and sheep breeding, distribution and production of metals has received, primarily silver and lead, less - iron and tin. Barbarian invasions in the late 4. forced the Romans to abandon its presence in the remote north-western province. In the north and west of South Roman occupation of Britain was no longer wore military and civilian populations in the south and east were not numerous. By 410 all communication between the empire and Britain ceased, and Britt, lost the habit of fighting over the centuries its dependence on the Romans were forced to defend themselves. Royal power was abolished on Feb. 7, 1649, a week later was formed the State Council of 41 members. England was proclaimed a republic. Nine months of the war, marked sparingly massacre led to the subordination of most of Ireland. This was followed by the confiscation of three-quarters of Irish land, which was distributed to creditors of the republic and the army ranks. They were indignant scorn of the British Parliament for their protest in connection with the execution of the king and now invited to the heir to the throne of Charles I (later...
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