Bringing up a family

Topics: Family, Mother, Need Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: February 8, 2014
 To bring up a family is not an easy job but to the contrary in my opinion it is one of the hardest jobs ever. To bring up a family one has to be mature and ready to face any challenges life and family life may offer. When you are bringing up a family whether alone or with someone else and you are the head oof the family you have yo be of a strong character and as i said before very mature. Family life may sometimes prove to be difficult.This is because as the head of the family you have to help every family member with his or her problems, while tackling your own issues. When bringing upp a family one has to make decisions that will effect the whole family not to mention that some decisions are difficult to make and of an emotional burden.Being the head of the family you have to take care of the finances of the household, prepare meals to the specific need of every family member , do your share of housework and anything associated with the taking care of the family. Children take up most of the time as they need someone to take care of them. The person responsible of the children needs to socialise them therefore teach them the basic manners and what is acceptable in society in order to prepare them for school. Once in a school you have to help children with their homework and also teach them basic things anout friendships . Also you have to organize entertainment for when the children are not in school in order to keep them occupied. You also need to keep in mind their likes and dislikes when preparing meals. When the children grow up into teenagers they would need a lot of guidance to help them get through any difficult phases that they may pass through. To bring up a family you have to be financially stable. This means that you are able to provide for anything the family members may need.. To cater for everyones needs one may have to take up a job so the needs of the family can be met. This may mean that the head of...
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