Bringing Up Children

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Bringing up children
Raising a child is the hardest, most responsible and satisfying task a human being can face. It's also the job for which people receive the least formal training. Each person's knowledge of how to bring up a child usually comes from their surroundings and their own upbringing. This may result in patterns from the parent's own social experiences being repeated and passed on to their children. Parents are role models

Parents are the most influential role models children are likely to have. Parents who pay compliments and show respect, kindness, honesty, patience, hospitality to their children will encourage them to behave in the same way. Parents should express their unconditional love for their children, show much patience, as well as provide them with the continued support they need to become self-assured and happy and they shouldn’t feel neglected. It's also important that parents set reasonable expectations for their children and tell them in plain words what they expect from them and after that parents need to give them a realistic picture of their accomplishments. Why is discipline necessary?

Discipline is crucial when bringing up a child. All children need and want reasonable boundaries. Through discipline your child learns that some kinds of behaviour are acceptable and others are not. Setting boundaries for children's behaviour helps them to learn how to behave in society. Discipline is difficult to deal with because it demands consistency. Being a parent is a 24-hour job. The rules have to apply every day. Inconsistency and lack of discipline create confused and rootless children – who will test their parents constantly to find out what the world is all about. This is why parents, who put in the effort every day to provide consistent boundaries to their children, will (eventually!) end up with better behaved kids. Spending enough time with your children

A child's greatest need is quality time with their parents. Finding...
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