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Bringing Phones to School

By miyjah12 Apr 11, 2013 575 Words
Bringing Phones to School In my opinion I don’t think students should be able to use cell phones on school property. It’s very inappropriate for school. School is a place to learn not a place to use electronics and be able to socialize with other people outside of school. Cellphones in school may cause distracted students, cheating and privacy issues. Why can’t they wait until school is? There’s nothing more important than getting an education all the other not so important things can wait. In my school my principal has a policy that if you use or take out you phone in school that it will be taken away and not given back to you unless a parent comes in. That right there can cause minor problems. What if the principal loses it by any chance? , everything that you had in that phone is long gone now. A lot of people have personal things in there phone that can be a total disaster if it gets out in public. But the main issue is that having a cell phone in school can be a really big distraction. I mean what kid would choose listening to the teacher talk in front of class or writing an essay over texting or tweeting? Even the kids that are usually paying attention in class, a cell phone can really keep anybody unfocused especially teenagers. For example, a student can be in class getting taught a very important lesson for a test the next day, but then out of the blue they get that special text messages from their “ boyfriend/girlfriend “ , the whole lesson is going through one ear and out the other now because their entire mind set is focused on texting. Another reason why cell phones shouldn’t be allowed on school property is because one of the major problems occurring today in our society BULLYING. Students all around the world are being bullied every day. There are many different types of bullying such as verbal, physical, mental and cyber bullying. I’ve heard many different stories about bullying. One of the most ways children are being bullied is through social networks. Facebook and Twitter are the most known sites so everybody is on these webs worldwide. For example a student can be getting bullied right in the middle of a class , someone may have took a picture of their hair , shoes or clothes then posted on one of those sites saying bad things. I have a Facebook myself so I see things like this being posted from school. Not only can the student that posted it up their face the consequences but the teachers/school can as well. Only because they weren’t supervising the kids as well as they should have because if they were things like that could not even happen. As I said before in my opinion students shouldn’t be able to use phones on school property not only that, they shouldn’t even be able to bring them at all to school. But some parents may claim that they have a right/need to reach their children in case of an emergency. That’s a lousy excuse. There is an office or a phone in every school building, so parents are able to reach their child at any given time if there is an emergency in school. Cellphones are inappropriate for school and that’s it, there’s no excuses at all to back that up!

By : O’Miyjah White . .

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