Bringing Out the Best in People

Topics: Motivation, Person, Educational psychology Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: December 2, 2008
“Bringing Out the Best in People” Chapter 3 summary A Tailor-Made Plan of Motivation In this chapter McGinnis talks about a theory from Thomas Aquinos. The principle of Aquinos theory is to motivate other individuals andto get them to see your point of view. To accomplish this, you try to guide the person; don’t call them harsh words out their name or give them demanding orders, just start with them gently to get them to make progress and open up with you. In order to motivate someone, you must first know and understand their needs. You have to ask a lot of questions to find out how you can appeal to the person’s interest. People succeed by learning the needs of other people and then appealing to those needs. One must not assume that other people’s needs are identical to those of their own. You cannot predict someone else’s needs by going off what you may feel areright; you have to pay attention and observe. Knowing what someone believes in is another key factor in motivation. A motivator has to know what a person believes in order to individualize leadership. As stated in the chapter, if a person believes that the universe is a dog-eat-dog world where one must fight to survive,how can you motivate this person if you don’t know this? You have to ask questions to find out this information to make any type of steps toward motivation. Preaching to someone about what you feel is the right thing to do is not how you encourage someone to get on track. A success plan for motivating others begins with communication and excellent listening skills. A person’s past tells a lot about why that particular person does what he/she does. We are a part of all that we met. The chapters states that older individuals and baby-boomers will have different needs and see things differently because they have different past. What may be important to one may not be as high up on the priority list as it is to another. The principle of this chapter is the importance of knowing the needs...
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