Bringing Back the Woolly Mammoth, and Maybe More?

Topics: Extinction, Animal, Plant / Pages: 5 (1022 words) / Published: Feb 25th, 2013
Bringing Back the Woolly Mammoth, and Maybe More?

When hearing the word extinct, the first thing that tends to pop into everyone’s head is dinosaurs. The common belief is that in order to see these amazing creatures and other extinct animals such as the woolly mammoth and the dodo bird, we watch movies such as Jurassic Park and Ice Age, and for a more personal connection with these creatures, we go to theme parks or amusement parks and museums for a glimpse of what these incredible creatures were like. There is also much more abundance of extinct animals that no one has ever heard of, but are some of the most beautiful, and the ugliest, animals to ever exist. However, after years of research and weather changes, visiting these magnificent creatures may be much more than your average trip to the local movie theatre or museum. It is sad to think that hundreds, even thousands of different species of animals have gone extinct over the course of planet Earth. Many people now rely on encyclopedias, movies, museums, and artists depictions in order to get a glimpse of these once living creatures of our planet. The fact that, once an animal has gone extinct, it can never come back has consumed the minds of so many that it is now second nature. Despite the impossibilities of interacting with some of the most magnificent creatures to have lived on this earth, many people still contemplate, pretend and even dream about possible communications with extinct animals, mostly those such as dinosaurs and the woolly mammoth. And yet, over the course of millions of years that this planet had been around, many people do not seem to realize that there are thousands of other animals that have gone extinct as well, 869 of those species which have been formally recorded since 1500. Many of these extinct animals have all recently died out in the past couple centuries and really have had a huge impact on society more than what is understood. “Conservation experts have already

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