Bring on the Cheesecake

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i am beautiful as you are beautiful as he is beautiful as all of us even the enemies are beautiful.and yet most of us spend the good portion of our everyday lives looking in the mirror critiquing ourselves pointing out problem areas and generally going ugh.we compare uorselves to kate moss,ricky martin,nicole kidman,brad pitt and britney spears.all of whom in our eyes exemplify the ultimate in beauty,sensuality,and air brushing.yes airbrushing,that ohh so handy technique employed by the magazine worlwide to make the attractive look perfect.perfect?you call kate moss paerfect?everytime i see her picture i just want to force feed her a huge piece of cheesecake.but her look of three square meals a year has become en vouge as woman and men all over the country starve themselves in order to confirm as what they perceive as societies conceot of beauty our appearance this thing we call beauty where does it come from?it can be photograph....i do cherish you for the rest of my life you dont have to think twice i will love you still from the dephts of my soul its beyond my control.ive waited so long to say this to you.if you love me to i love you this much i do.when your gone the pieces of heart im missing you when your gone the face i came to know is missing to when your gone the world i need to hear to always gat me through the day i make it ok imiss you.
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