Brighton Beach Memoirs

Topics: Family, Mother, Want Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: March 13, 2012
Bani Badwal (Senior Year)

The Jerome family is a very loving, close caring family. They both worry about each other and worry for them and their family members well being. On top of that, everyone has problems, their own unique problems. Not all these problems are disclosed with the other family members. Eugene is a teenager living in Brooklyn in the older days. He is growing up and feels he is deprived of being with girls. He often brings up his thoughts on them and sex. In his home he feels as if he is not loved because his mother is always yelling at him and seems to be taking out all her anger on him. In my view, I believe she does really love him but she worries so much that she tends to lose it all and it all goes out on Eugene . Nora, who is Eugene ’s cousin, wants to be famous and on Broadway. She believes she has found the perfect opportunity for this but for this she must leave school which no one agrees with, and Stanley is the only one who seems to be complimenting her but that may only be because she is his attractive cousin. Stanley, Eugene ’s brother has worries and problems of his own, quite a big one actually- he has a job that keeps the family going on top of his fathers work. He is very responsible for his family’s well being because of this but he has a problem with gambling. Kate and Jack are Eugene and Stanley’s parents. Blanche is Kate’s sister; Nora and Laurie are Kate and Jacks Nieces. Kate is very loving and caring and worries for her family a lot, especially her husband Jack who has a heart problem where anything can happen anytime. On top of that, the family has very little money. They are not able to afford to take care of Jack’s health but they are trying hard, which is why Stanley has such a big responsibility. Jack loves his wife, Kate and tries to assure her everything will be okay and nothing will happen, but I think something may. Laurie is just a young girl right now, the...
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