Brighter Future

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“We're people who make that future happen...”
Write out the text of a talk you would deliver to your classmates entitled: Our futures are in our own hands.

Good afternoon classmates.

As graduating students our future captures a wide range of possibilities. Some of us may be certain of what that future might be and others are willing to wait patiently for the unexpected to come. Whether going to college or choosing to earn a living, we all hope for a better and brighter future. Along the way we learn to set goals and organise our priorities. In our hearts we know that we will get there and that our futures are in our own hands.

As we graduate in a couple of months we begin to realise the challenge that will come next. We start to consider carefully our options. One simple decision will affect another and sometimes can be life changing. Our future covers a big picture that shows different paths each leading to what we aim for. We aim for security, peace, happiness, love and friendship and we all strive to get what we deserve. We may have different ways to be able to acquire all these and we have to believe in ourselves. However, no mater how persistent we are willing to be I believe most of us are dependent. We depend on our parents, guardians, friends, government and even on our environment. Dependence provides a boundary to what we may truly be longing for. The ability to be independent and free is another ambition of ours. Without this we know we can never be truthfully peaceful, secured and happy. However, we should not let this get in our way, instead we should be patient and grateful for what we have and what is about to come. Opportunity is what we wait for and we should grab hold of it the moment we have the chance. As we are about to enter the next level of our lives, we hope for a brighter future.

But what is a bright future? Personally, I imagine myself being able to enjoy college, improving my skills and talents and being happy, as a...
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