Bright Young Things

Topics: Lingerie, Victoria's Secret, Adolescence Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Amanda Joy Celestino
April 17, 2013
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Classy & Sassy with just a Hint of Trashy

Imagine walking into a store. Suddenly you feel the warmth of the bright lights hit you, and an overwhelming scent of flowers and strawberries rushes through your nose. You take a deep breath in. Then your attention shifts. The bright colors. You look toward your right, glitter. Then to the left, you see hearts. A couple more steps into the store, then you turn your attention to the huge poster plastered on the wall. You’re immediately fixed on that model’s deep ocean blue eyes, blonde waterfalls on the side of her face. You admire her perfect soft smile. Tiny waist, blonde haired, blue eyed flawlessness, and in big bold letters at the bottom of the poster, “Every girl wants to be a PINK girl”. Step into to the world of Angels, Victoria's Secret is known to be the largest lingerie company in the entire U.S., famous for the sexy bras and even sexier models. Its mysterious sultry lingerie is certainly a head turner. But what would one say if a twelve year old were to wear the same lingerie. Now that would turn heads. Under the brand of Victoria's Secret, is a branch targeted for the “younger crowd”. According to Pink representatives, “PINK’s targeted consumers are in the fresh, young, college aged girls.” This strategy driving Victoria's Secret’s launch of Pink is to introduce the teenage girls to Victoria's Secret stores, developing lifelong customers. Their goal is to embed the brand into a younger audience resulting in returning to the original Victoria's Secret line when they mature. Pink girls are known to be the innocence and youth of Victoria secret, selling sleepwear, beauty products, and perfectly appropriate loungewear, but some not so appropriate underwear. In March 2013, the release of the new marketing campaign for sexy underwear was called “Young, Wild Things”. This campaign was directed at teen and pre-teen girls and drew...
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