Bright Star Analysis

Topics: Alliteration, Poetry, Rhyme Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: March 19, 2015
Bright Star Analysis By Dev Batra

Throughout John Keats's Poem "Bright Star" We see the portrayal of a variety of themes, symbolism, imagery and literary devices. One of the first things to catch the reader's eye when reading this poem is it's unusual title. In truth the reasoning behind this poem being referred to by it's first line is not a literary technique but rather a necessity as this poem was published over a decade post Keats death. Despite the title not directly holding any deeper meaning, the first line gives a good insight into the writer's thoughts without giving away the superficial meaning of the poem. The first noticeable theme in this poem is that of eternity. In the first line the star is used as a symbolisation of Keats' feelings, the star is chosen because it lasts forever. Although throughout the course of the poem we find that Keats wants an extremely specific eternity, quite different to the one the star leads. Keats clarifies that he either wants his ideal eternity or the eternity found at the end of one’s life. Quite cleverly the title and first line of this poem not only links Keats' hopes for eternity symbolically but also spells it out with the use of his literary devices. "Bright star, would I were stedfast as thou art," uses an alliteration on "Star" and "Stedfast" making the use of the beginning letters in both words. As noticed the star holds an extremely deep connection with Keats however it also provides a resonant image in the mind of the reader making it the core of many literary devices used throughout the poem. In the third line of "Bright Star" he describes the star as "watching, with eternal lids apart," this marks the use of a personification giving the reader ability to picture the star as a living thing with eyes watching over us throughout the entirety of our life. Keats continues to personify the star with the use of words such as "sleepless" and "patient" being used to describe the length of the star's...
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