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Topics: Ethics, Morality, Virtue Pages: 1 (286 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Seminar Six: Exploring Ethical Dilemmas and Vignettes (2)
Seminar Objectives
Students will:
* Identify an ethical dilemma
* Critically appraise the dilemma
* Discuss the problems implementing the appropriate action in practice * Explore mechanisms by which this action could be encouraged and empowered Preparation for Seminar
Students must read the following ethical dilemmas in the Crane and Matten core text before attending the class: 1. A fitting approach to shoe selling? (p.352)
2. A beautiful deal? (p.352)
3. Where’s the beef? (p.450)
4. Always good to have friends in politics? (p.500)
Seminar Activities
This seminar is the culmination of your ethical development on this module and is exploring your responses to organisational ethical dilemmas arising from your future business discipline. This should support and encourage the development of ethical awareness, ethical decision making and moral courage. The range of case studies aim to ensure that you find an issue that is relevant and interesting to you. You will work in peer groups of two or three and explore one vignette given to you in class. At the end of your peer discussion you must identify:

* The action that each of you believes should have been taken in respect of the common vignette * What theories (if any) you found most useful in reaching a decision * The part of the decision making that was the most challenging to each of you and the group * Whether you believe you would have the moral courage to do the ‘right thing’ and what might help you and hinder you in that (Hint – think of Kohlberg and Jones) Post Seminar Activities

Complete the reflective journal.
Directed Reading
Crane A and Matten D (2010) Business Ethics OUPChapter 10, 11 & 12
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