Brief Introduction to Management

Topics: Management, Leadership, Stress management Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: July 5, 2006
Management in Brief

Shawn Mullins

The following text is simply a brief overview into the depth of effective management.

A New Manager
To become a manager one must be recognized by a higher level of authority as possessing a superior ability to deal with people. Most people who move up to management are replacing someone - the current manager may have been promoted to a higher position or his/her performance was not up to par with the supervisor’s expectations or maybe they resigned due to excessive stress. People can move up to management positions because a new group was started or extra responsibilities were put on an existing workgroup. (G. Gaynor, 2004)

To Be an Efficient Manager
An efficient manager must first understand why the guidance of his/her management is necessary. Management is unique; managers must satisfy the needs of supervisors as well as meet the needs of those managed. Huge unique management responsibilities are required to master; balancing the relationship between individual and team performance, making key people decisions (hiring, firing), coaching and evaluating, and other misc. responsibilities – all while trying to keep the general morale high enough for the group to work. (G. Gaynor, 2004), (B. Kaplan, 1996)

The Correct Attitude
With the correct attitude, almost anyone otherwise qualified can obtain a management position. Supervisors look for people with positive, enduring attitudes that can handle what will inevitably go wrong. Job skills are not as important to managers as people skills. As a manager the main focus is having excellent relations with other people. John may know how to do everyone’s job in the production line, but that alone does not make john qualified to manage the production line. (B. Kaplan, 1996)

A Position of People Obstacles
Management is a position of people obstacles. As an effective manager, one must be able to satisfy the majority without upsetting...
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