Brief Analsysis of Obama's Change Campaign

Topics: George W. Bush, President of the United States, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Change: (v.) /chanj/ a.) to make different in some particular; alter. b.) to make radically different; transform

After the nation endured an unsettling two terms with President George W. Bush, it’s people were left with a bitter taste, so to speak. As a nation, we yearned for new discourse and needed “change”. Change was to be the underlying foundation for the 2008 Presidential Election campaigns, which created quite a nation-wide stir as a record number of voters made it to the polls. This was the very beginning of a nation-wide political change, which is evidently more than just empty propaganda, but is evident now through current new reforms.

In 2008, Barack Obama pledged to redefine our nation’s political character through an effective campaign based on the philosophy of “change we can believe in” using the slogan “yes we can”. Obama hoped for a new attitude in politics, education, health care, and foreign policy among numerous other issues. A promise to cut taxes for 95% of working American families with an annual income less than $250,000 along with significant tax breaks to companies that invest in the United States were some of the aspects of his campaign. In addition, this rally for change promised to create 2 million new jobs to renovate the country’s infrastructure and 5 million new energy jobs. Obama’s campaign emphasized withdrawing troops from Iraq to end the war, increasing energy independence (New Energy Plan for America) and decreasing the influence of lobbyists and how business is conducted on Capital Hill. This new “national political character” would work to ensure that business conducted on Capital Hill between Congress was to have the best interest of the American people in mind as opposed to personal political agendas. These plans for change created a buzz among the American people.

The newly configured 112th Congress, the current meeting of our nation’s legislative branch concedes that all these issues are top...
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