Bridging the Digital Divide

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Andrew MelilloFeb 14, 2011
Professor Spector
The Digital Divide

What is the digital divide? The digital divide means that there are significant amount of people in the country who don't have access to technology to internet or electronics but also do not have the skill to use it. Overcoming the digital divide has been made a priority by our government as well as other governments across the world in order to bring internet access to every person on the planet.

Some think that the access to the Internet is a basic component of civil life that some developed countries aim to guarantee for their citizens. An important fact seems to be that much vital information for people's career, civic life, safety, etc. are increasingly provided via the Internet. Even social welfare services are sometimes administered and offered electronically. Today only about half of all Americans are connected to high speed internet, although this number is rising, the world is outpacing us. Over the last decade America has dropped from 4th in broadband to 22nd in the world in total usage. This is causing a major problem because today people are asked to apply for Jobs online as well as government services online, this means that there is a huge population of people who do not have access to these resources.

There is a great divide in the frequency of use and the number and type of online activities in which people engage vary substantially by whether they have Internet access at home and by the type of home Internet connection.  "For example, almost one-third of Americans access the Internet on a daily basis.  Ninety percent of these frequent users have Internet access in their homes, people without Internet access at home are not only much less likely to be Internet users in general, they are also much less likely to be frequent users."(Tech News). "Studies have shown that in one year if there was a 1% increase in broadband connectivity across the United States it...
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