Bridge on the Drina

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Short story Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: November 24, 2013

1)What did the bridge represent?
The bridge signified the very important connection between Sarajevo with the rest of the Turkish Empire. The Bridge got rid of the boat transportation system across the river. This boat transportation system was very unreliable. The serfs were forced to build the bridge under terrible working conditions. 2)Who built the bridge and why did he do it?

Mehmed built the bridge at the age of 60 when he became a Grand Vizier. He built the bridge to make a tribute to his homeland. He ordered the bridge to be built over the Drina River in Vishegrad. The bridge started constriction in 1566 and took 5 years to be completed. 3)What did the Bridge say about Ottoman Turkish rule?

The Bridge says that the Ottomans were unfair rulers because they forced the Serfs to work on the bridge with awful working conditions. The serfs tried to strike and hurt the construction of the bridge because of how poor the working conditions were. They didn’t force the Christian populations to convert, but they had to pay taxes to continue to worship as Christians. 4)What did the Austrians do to it?

The bridge was used as a supply line at the beginning of World War 1. The Serbs defeated the Austrians on their first offensive. The Austrians blew the bridge up after they were forced to retreat out of Serbia. They did this because that is where they were setting their defensive perimeter in the First World War. 5)What happened at the end of the novel?

The novel ends with the Austrians taking advantage of the darkness to effect the withdrawal of even the last detachments. It was during the First World War. The Austrians destroyed the bridge and they also started to retreat. The town was pretty much destroyed and it was the end of the bridge. 6)Why did Andric use short stories so much?

Andric used short stories frequently in this novel. He did this because it helps to drive his point home. Short stories can be used in many ways such as examples and...
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