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BRIDES FOR……..?????

Prof. Janaki Abraham
Deptt. Of Sociology
Delhi School of Economics
Submitted by:
Anjul Chaudhari
Nikita Yadav
MA (sociology)

Aim of the study is to understand marriage pattern amongst the JAISWAR sub caste of Kurmi caste of village Chandpara ( Bahraich distt.,U.P.).

1. To study different form of marriage practices of Jaiswar sub- caste in Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. 2. To find out relation between economic status of a family and their changing marriage practices within Jaiswars. 3. To examine the extent of absorption of brides from other castes within Jaiswars.

Apart from observation, major methodology used was semi-structured interviews. We prepared a list of set questions to be included in the interview, which were very basic. But since it was a semi-structured and open ended interview, the questions were majorly framed on the basis of interviewee’s responses. With the incoming responses, it was easier to frame further questions taking the conversation forward and consequently we were able to gain desired information. Also, this method seemed more appropriate in context of our inability to conduct pilot studies or accommodate prior knowledge about the study sample.

The present study includes a sample of 15 married women from the Jaiswar community of Chandpara village. The village lies in the Bahraich district which is one of the Nepal bordering districts of India. We tried to cover almost every Jaiswar family of the village with varied socio-economic status. Besides the major sample, unstructured interviews and conversation with other family members of women and the villagers, also form a major part of the study and findings.

Lately, the Census data is suggesting continuous and alarming disparities in the sex ratio of the nation, especially in the northern states of Haryana, U.P. and Punjab. Such trends suggest different facts about the society and along with it come varied impacts that it lays on the functionality of prevailing customs and practices in the society. Many studies were being conducted to understand the reason for such pattern in sex ratio but it was not until recently that the researchers focused on the impact of the low sex ratio on the society. Marriage practices remains to be one area which seems to have been adversely affected, resulting in changing trends and patterns of marriage. It has been observed that there is occurrence of radical shifts in the ways a family gets a bride for their son. According to 2001 census, the sex ratio of U.P. was 961 females per thousand males; this leaves about 39 males out of 1000 without a bride within the state. Initially, the brides were brought from the adjoining states, strictly adhering to endogamy and following customs. But recently it has been observed that due to lack of eligible brides, the highly rigid marriage customs have become relatively fluid and have started accommodating various shifts and changes such as neglecting the factors of region, religion, language and even caste. One major shift being, as Ravinder Kaur puts it, the across-region marriages. The need of women, for productive and reproductive purposes is now being addressed by getting a bride from a region with comparatively higher sex ratio and poverty. Marriages are increasingly coming to note in which men from UP, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan are marrying women from West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (Ravinder Kaur, EPW, June 19, 2004).In this particular study, as we will see later, the brides are bought and brought from Bengal region. Marriage is one integral part of our nation, which remains intact and very important in all the communities, region and religion. It is that ritual which forms to be the inseparable part of our society. It is the source...
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