Brick Making

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This company was founded 30 years ago. It is based in South Africa. It produces approximately 86 million brick per annum according to the company. The company mined clay in its own mines that it bought which is approximately 4 km away from the plant. Road trucks and trailers take the clay to the production site. West end uses the normal process of brick making. That is:

* Mining
* Raw material preparation
* Raw material grinding
* Extrusion
* Drying setting
* Sorting and finally deliver to people or companies
Raw material
The clay that the company used is mined using deep shaft since they need the sedimentary one. Sedimentary according to them is rather clean compared to the clay just on the surface. They own their own mine where they mine from the clay. It is 4 km away from the plant. It also owns trucks and trailers that carry the soil and also machines necessary for brick and roof tile making. Preparation of Raw Materials

The company applies dry preparation. The preparation method has been selected because they want quality, the methods use the available materials and the methods are economic efficiency.

Dry preparation
The purpose of dry preparation is to reduce the particle size and to dry the particles to about three to six per cent water content at the same time. This is done by hammering. The hammering machine is used in this process. The necessary additives are also added in this process step, e.g. hydrated lime may be added to the clay (3.3 to 0.6 %) to regulate and fix the water content and to maintain a good plasticity in order to facilitate the cutting of the clay column in the extrusion-type process.

Different shaping methods such as pressing, extrusion, and soft-mud are employed, depending on the kind of mass, the water content and the desired product. Here the bricks are shaped...

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