Briar Rose

Topics: Fairy tale, Storytelling, Present Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Discuss the ways in which text you have studied has value to a contemporary society in your response, refer to at least 3 of the following: ideas and themes, characters, language, structure and context. Value today:

* Know the past so we don’t repeat the horror.
* The importance of storytelling is to record the history. Gemma and briar is in the story for the future. Linking the past for the present and future. * Value of families/ family histories

* The books is divided into 3 sections home castle and home again. The first and last section include fairy tale. But the middle doesn’t because its Josef story of the holocaust and the rescue of Gemma. In section 1 the fairy tale of sleeping beauty creates mystery and motivate Becca to embark on her journey to Europe. The fairy story is creating a mystery but in the last section or part it gives a solution to the mystery. The story for the present is written in alteration to show that story is in italics. The thematic concerns that the structure are the links the past,present and future. The importance of identity. The importance of story telling and the horrors of the holocaust.

Quotes and dramatic techniques
Dramatic Techniques
* Josef’s emotional telling of his story
* The use of dialogue to reveal characters.
* Jemmas oral tradition telling to the girls
* Extended metaphor to tell a story of pain so that they can deal with the pain. Structure:
* Complex narrative structure which enables Gemma to alternate past and future. *
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