Brian Winter

Topics: Character, Wilderness, English-language films Pages: 1 (454 words) Published: November 10, 2008
Book Report
This book report is going to be on Brian’s Winter by Gary Paulson. Brian’s winter is a fictional story, since it’s about a made up boy who survive in the wilderness in winter. Brian’s winter is the sequel of Hatchet a book by Gary Paulson that tells the story of a 13 year old boy who crashes in a plane in the middle of Canada, but who finally gets rescue at the end of summer. So Brain’s winter tell what would have happen if Brian wouldn’t have been rescue at the end of Hatchet.

The main character of the story is Brian, a thirteen year old boy who was going to his father after his dad and mom got divorce, but was stranded in northern Canada after his plane crashes. Brian seen like a very intelligent teen, who is able to stay calm and work things out. He is able to figure things out by himself and is able to adapt to his environment. In the story Brian learns to make himself a very protective shelter to protect him against the winter’s harsh climate. He also learns how to make a bow and arrow from pieces of wood that he finds in the forest, and snow shoes from rabbits skin that he catches. He also learns fro his mistake, like when he leave his food out in the open and a bear came and almost destroys his shelter. The bear and the skunk also become like characters of the story, since they are they interact with Brian the most. The skunk becomes like Brian’s friend and bodyguard since he once help him against the bear that often comes to steal his food when he gets careless. The setting of the story takes place in the wilderness of northern Canada near a forest and a lake. It also takes place in winter, and around modern, time because of the plane. Most of the book takes place around Brian’s camp, but he often goes deeper into the woods to hunt for food. The forest is full of wild animals that include: rabbits, bird, dear, moose, wolves, bear and a skunk. Brian also goes the lake near his camp to catch food like fishes and to clean his foods...
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