Brian Montgomery 805 1

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Brian Montgomery
Introduction to Management 805
Assignment one

The person I chose to interview for my case study is a Commercial Cleaning Manager with PAE (New Zealand) Ltd. PAE are a Facilities Management company who are engaged to supply knowledge and labour to upkeep the buildings of its clients.
Q: What type of organisation do you work for?
A: I work for a facilities management company, we specialise in building maintenance care and cleaning
Q: What do you think managers do?
A: In general, oversee the core business and use the business drivers to ensure we are performing.
Q: What skills do you believe manages should possess?
A: Leadership, organisational and interaction skills, good communication.

Q: Why do you think Managers need to plan?
A: You need to have agreed plans and goals; it’s how you measure yourselves and the business against planned targets
Q: There are different kinds of Plans including, Mission statements, vision, marketing operational. What type of plans do you use in your business?
A: In my division we use all of those, the company has our mission statement and vision, which we live but the operational plans are the day to day business for us.
Q: How often do you refer to each of the plans?
A: It really depends on the plan and situation but I would say at least weekly.
Q: Do you discuss the plans with you your teams and why?
A: Yes we discuss these in all of our meetings at different levels. Staff, supervisor and management meetings.
Q: How effective do you think these plans are?
A: There is always room for improvement, but at this time they are good. They are achievable and relevant to the core business. Our plans have to be somewhat flexible due to the changing environment we work in.

Q: What benefits do you think you get from each of those plans?
A: The team get a sense of achievement, moving forward, setting new goals. We achieve then move the goals forward. It’s great for the team to see the plan

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