Brian Jones and Syd Barret's Influence on 1960's British Pop Culture

Topics: Psychedelic rock, Rock music, The Rolling Stones Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: August 7, 2011
Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones are arguable the two greatest bands to come from England during the 1960's “British Invasion”. Eventually, both bands would end up in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1996 and 1989 respectively). Both bands had there roots in the Blues. They were talented, had sex appeal, and were fashion suave. The girls loved them, the guys though they were cool, and everyone was trying to imitate their style. However, despite all the initial success, tragedy would strike both bands early. Drugs and mental illnesses would depredate and destroy both of the young bands' prodigious, iconic front men. Both Brian Jones (The Rolling Stones) and Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd) were out of the bands they had started by the end of the 1960's; a decade in which they helped define. The multi-musically talented Brian Jones met fellow band mates Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in 1962 when Jagger and Richards responded to Jones advertisement in a magazine looking for musicians to audition to try out for a R&B band. Jagger and Richards had become previously enamored with Jones when they saw him play the slide guitar at concert with his old band, the Roosters, and were ecstatic when they found out they had a chance to make a band with him. As a Blues purist, Jones wanted to take Blues and make it more accessible for the white youth in the United Kingdom. Jones would soon adopt the image of a rebellious pioneer; an image that many youth could identify with. His flamboyant fashion style, along side his open use of recreational drugs, made him a target of both envy and anger. As a musician, his primary instrument was the guitar. However, he could play more then twenty instrument extremely proficiently, including: harmonica, trumpet, trombone, mellotron, sitar, saxophone, banjo, and the xylophone. Since Jones was so musically inclined, he opted to play a various of instruments during the Rolling Stones early tracks, leaving Keith Richards with most of the lead...
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