Brett Favre Essay

Topics: Super Bowl, Brett Favre, John Elway Pages: 4 (1419 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Best Quarterback in NFL History.

Brett Favre is the best quarterback of all time, and I can prove it. Some argue that Brett Favre is the greatest because of his NFL records in wins, passing touchdowns, passing yards and consecutive starts. These records are the foundation of Favre’s case as the best, but let’s take a look and find out why Favre is really the best. Brett Favre’s interception record is the argument that kills Favre. The reason why Favre isn’t the greatest, right? Wrong. When looking at this interception record, you must look at how many more interceptions he had than his competitors and you must remember to consider that he also has the most touchdowns of all time, the most completions of all time and the most passing attempts of all time. Favre ended his career with 508 passing touchdowns and 336 interceptions, a difference of 172. In fact, his difference between touchdowns and interceptions is the best differential in the history of the NFL (Brett Favre Stats). The closest quarterback compared to Favre is Dan Marino with 168. Other quarterbacks that are worse than Favre in this category include John Elway (74), Joe Montana (134), Steve Young (125), Johnny Unitas (37), Troy Aikman (24) and every other quarterback in NFL history. The interception record is not a good thing, but it is not as much of a liability as people think. Favre’s main competition when it comes to being the greatest is Dan Marino and Joe Montana. Let’s begin with Joe Montana. This may be the hardest comparison because Montana was a full-time starter only 13 years. Brett Favre played in 110 more games than Montana, but there are things that hold Montana back from being the greatest of all time. Because it is unfair to compare Favre’s career totals to a quarterback that played five less years, let’s look at averages per season started (years with fewer than 200 attempts I will not use, which is Montana’s rookie year in 1979 and an injury year in 1992). Over Favre’s 16...
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