Brett Ashlee Femme Fatale

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Woman, Time Pages: 2 (887 words) Published: May 4, 2009
Lady Ashley, also known as Brett, is the most dominant woman character in the novel The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemmingway. Brett is an extremely attractive woman who was married, then divorced after WWI. Brett’s character can easily be related to many of the women in the present time. Hemmingway portrays women as manipulative, objects of lust, promiscuous and elusive. Brett is the perfect example of a femme fatale which Hemmingway is trying to portray women as, as well.

Near the beginning of The Sun Also Rises, we are introduced to the character of Lady Ashley who is portrayed as manipulative from the start. In most cases, Brett has a kind of power over men where they will do what ever she asks them to. Her strong, independent characteristics draw men toward her. An example of this is when Brett just asks him to leave for awhile and he ends up coming back with champagne for her. Brett’s manipulation also comes in the form of the way she dresses and presents herself to men. Her boyish appearance makes her stand out from the rest of the women native to the city. She also keeps very unusual company, with all of her companions being men, including some homosexuals. Because of Brett’s undeniable beauty and elusive nature, other women may feel threatened and competitive. A crowd of young men, some in jerseys and some in their shirtsleeves, got out. I could see their hands and newly washed wavy hair in the light of the door. The policeman standing by the door looked at me and smiled. They came in. As they went in, under the light, I saw white hands, wavy hair, white faces, grimacing, gesturing, talking. With them was Brett. She looked very lovely and she was very much with them. (Chapter 3, page 28) The way Brett reacts in certain occasions is very surprising to the reader as well as the other male characters in the novel. Her reactions are very masculine and brave. Brett acts as though she does not have the mind as a typical woman during this...
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