Brent Staples

Topics: Ralph Fiennes, Stereotype, Walking Pages: 1 (404 words) Published: September 5, 2011
In the first few paragraphs of his essay, how does Staples give you the impression that he is dangerous? Why does he create that impression for the reader, since it is not true? |

Brent Staples gave the impression that he is dangerous in many different ways. The one that caught my attention was when he used the noun victim in his first sentence. The use of that noun makes someone automatically assume you are a criminal or in some way participating in a behavior that is wrong. Staples also makes the reader think that he is dangerous in the way that he specifically points out the fact that he is black. Also, describing the way that he walked about the dark streets with his hands in his “bulky military jacket” gives off an eerie sense that would also intimidate me if I was the one walking in front of him. Another thing stated by Staples that makes him seem dangerous in the first few paragraphs is the fact that he is walking through a deserted street in the middle of the night. In my opinion, Staples creates the impression of being a dangerous man because American society already portrays him that way since he is a young black male. I feel that Staples tries to expand on this stereotype in his essay to show that it is true, American society does actually prejudge people based on their race and age. Staples also creates this stereotypical impression and then explains what he was actually doing, fighting insomnia, to prove that not every young aged black male in the world is out to harm someone. One of the things that surprised me the most was the calmness of Staples voice and language in his story. If I was in his shoes and I was being prejudged just because of my race I would never be able to keep my cool the way he does and share my experiences with people so understandingly. I would personally not be able to hold back all of the rage that I would have built up directed at society, especially the white folks that made this stereotype so widely...
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