Breeds of Bulldogs

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Different breeds of bulldogs

Do you know the meaning of the term "bulldog"? The term was first used around 1500, and might have been applied to ancestors of modern bulldogs. Most bulldogs are usually free of disabling genetic diseases, but some tend to have breathing problems. The breeds of bulldogs are generally very friendly they have a great sense of humor and usually always get along great with kids.

There are many types of bulldogs; I have even owned a few. My favorite is the American Bulldog, (I had one that just died of old age) the Bull Terrier, (I owned when I was a child) and the English Bulldog (Which I currently own.) They are all unique in their own ways.

The American Bulldog is a stocky, strong looking dog. It has a short coat and is either white or white with patches. American Bulldogs usually weigh between 60 to 100 pounds.
The American Bulldog is usually a happy, friendly, but assertive dog. They are at ease with their owners, and fine with strangers as they get to know them. American Bulldogs are typically fond of children, but they do not know their own strength, so as with all dogs, supervision is highly recommended. They bond well with their owners, but because of their guarding instincts and dominant attitude, they need to be obedience trained.

American Bulldogs have lots of energy, and need a lot of room to run. They tend to not like cats, or smaller animals, but through socialization at an early age it can increase the chances of them accepting other animals. American Bulldogs can be hard to housebreak being persistent is the key.

Bull Terriers are thick - set and muscular with a short dense coat. The acceptable colors are pure white with brindle markings. Colored coats can vary, but the AKC prefers the white with brindle markings. The most distinctive feature is the head; it resembles an egg shape when viewed from the front. The top is almost flat, with a Roman muzzle sloping down towards the nose. The eyes...
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