Breeding Animals in Zoos: Is Really for Animals?

Topics: Hunting, Zoo, The Animals Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Breeding Animals In Zoos: Is Really Good For Animals?
By: Pham Hoang

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28th September, 2012

Breeding Animals In Zoos: Is Really Good For Animals?
Do you know how many zoos we have exist all over the world? And do you know where and when the first zoo was built? If these questions are strange to you, let me provide you with more information about that. "Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society of London" was the very first zoo to be opened in London in 1828. Since then, there are now approximately 2 millions zoos which have been continuously established for the purpose of drawing visitors and maintaining the animal race. Under this circumstance, many researchers give a considerable perspective that “Animals should be placed in zoos” People who support this idea think that keeping animals in zoos is the best way to protect them from illegal hunters. Nonetheless, people belonging to the opposite side, who disagree keeping animals in the zoos, argue that it is a physical impossibility because zoos are not natural animals’ habitat. Supporters’ viewpoint is that breeding animals in zoos is keeping animals safe and protecting them from hunters; moreover, it also distributes many advantages to maintain the animal race. In the opposition, people who do not consent to keep animals in the zoos argue that that action is another type of hunt. Certainly, animals were not born in the zoo and they were born and grow up in the wild. In order to have a lot of species to breed in zoos, people have to chase and capture animals from forests, deserts, marshes, etc. As a result, the larger the zoos are, the more actions of hunting take place. In the article “zoo” (Wikipedia, 2012), the author comments that in the process of catching animals, the amount of animals that are injured or killed are more than those get caught. Although people think that keeping animals in the zoos is to protect them from illegal hunt; in fact, that is a deliberate act to destroy...
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