Bree's First Day of School

Topics: Basketball, Three-point field goal, Brown hair Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: November 3, 2013
Mook Borirakpanich Gr. 10
Bree’s Fresh Start
I wore a yellow tie-dyed T-shirt and jeans. My sister, Kat Warren, came into my room in a pleasant shirt and black shorts, and of course she looked beautiful and sophisticated. “Hey, freshman,” she greeted me early in the morning.

“Hey, you can head to school first because I’ll be heading to school after you,” I said in tediousness. “Sure! Being late on the first day of school? That’s a bad habit. Anyways, see you there,” she replied in her cheery voice and giggled. She went out of my room and for few minutes later, she headed to school. Kat looks like a model. She’s tall, five-nine, and has a figure most girls would die for. She eats everything and never excises, but she’s still slim. She has dark brown hair and her hair is wavy. Wherever we go out, people would turn their heads and look at her. On the other hand, I have a figure that girls would look at and feel proud of their own bodies. I have long black hair. I eat lesser than Kat and I exercise, but I’m obese. While I was stuck in my own thoughts, I just realized that I was really late for school. “Hey fatty,” one of the sophomores shouted in my direction. I felt miserable, but I continued to walk and ignore them. I wanted to dig a hole and hide in there forever. The reason why I didn’t want to come to school was because the upperclassmen students always bully me. I don’t know if there are people out there being called fat every day. If there are, then I understand you. I had a tough morning on the first day of school when sophomores and juniors called me names. I didn’t make any friends in my class as well. Everything is happening all over again. I could see exhilaration in others eyes. I could feel excitement in the air. Though, I’m just not part of their world. It seemed like I’m just thin air for them. I feel worthless. Caught up in my own thoughts, I had to be back in reality when the bell rang. I just realized that it was already afterschool. I had...
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