Breath, Eyes, Memory

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In the book Breath, Eye, Memory was about a girl name Sophie, twelve, who lived in Croix- des- Rosets, Haiti with her Tante Atie. Growing up in Haiti Sophie experience a good life living with Tante Atie. During that time many people were poor and lived in small huts or shacks, which were far from how Sophie lived because of the money her mother sent from America. Sophie was left with her Tante Atie when she was only months old and she grew found of her Tante and took her as her mom. Tante Atie would not accept that title because she promised her mom that she would make sure that her daughter would never forget whom she was. Atie knew the day would soon come when Sophie would leave Haiti and join her mother in America.

Having to move to another country is not an easy task because you are leaving behind everyone that you know since you are a little kid. Sophie was experiencing this because now she must drop everything and jump in a plane to reunited with her mother which she only have heard her voice. Haiti and Tante Atie was all Sophie knew, the freedom that she had to run around or just play with kids from across the street while the hot sun is kicking in. Tante Atie for Sophie was the mother that she always wanted; a mother that would wait for her outside when she returned from school or a mother that would tell her stories when she couldn't fall asleep. This will soon change when one-day plane tickets arrive and everything that was familiar to her was no longer there. Sophie was now in a new country with a mother that was also new to her. She now most learn English and at the same time maintain a fluent Creole. But the most difficult thing is to get use to New York and her new surroundings because you no longer can be running around in the street and your parents are working day and night.
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