Breath, Eyes, Memory

Topics: Virginity, Family, Love Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Prof. C. Coleman
Cultural Diversity 101 CD (W1)
October 27, 2012
Response Log #2 (Breath, Eyes, Memory)
So far in the novel "Breath, Eyes, Memory," Sophie is in America living with her mother. She was eighteen about to start college. From chapter 9 through 12 she recalls moving elsewhere with her mother and also that she attended a Haitian Adventist school that went from elementary straight to high school. She expressed how much she hated the school because "it was as if I never left Haiti. All the lessons were in French except the English and composition classes."(66). She talks about falling in love with a guy named Joseph and her mother’s disapproval of her dating because she didn't trust American boys. Sophie expressed that she couldn't help what she felt for Joseph. She started talking to him and little by little she started dating him when her mother wasn't home. She would sneak out at night and go to different places with him. Usually when he had a gig in a club. She talked about feeling a sense of rush when she was with him knowing that her mother wouldn't approve. Sophie mentions coming home one late night to find her mother sitting in the living room waiting for her. She wrote about her mother taking her upstairs and testing her to make sure she was a virgin just like her grandmother did to her mom and aunt Atie. During the test she writes about the pain and humiliation she felt trying not to think about it. At the end of chapter 12 she reminisce about her mom kicking her out because she failed the virginity test and her going to Joseph for support and comfort by marrying him.

Although my parents aren't addicted to their Ghanaian customs a lot of people especially in the old days are. To them a girls virginity is only worth giving on her wedding night with the love of her life. I believe some people in Africa still practice these believe. I could just imagine the unbearable pain Sophie must've been going through while her...
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