Breath, Eyes and Memory Quotes

Topics: Personal life, Life, Feeling Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: December 10, 2008
First quote
“Some of the students fell and rolled down the hill. They screamed at the soldiers that they were once again betraying the people. One girl rushed down the hill and grabbed one of the soldiers by the arm. He raised his pistol and pounded it on top of her head. She fell to the ground, her face covered with her own blood” (pg.34)

The passage, with all the descriptive words, had shown the unstable situation, political violence in Haiti. By this passage, readers can see the life in Haiti, the setting of the story. All the protest, soldiers, macoutes, corruption let the Haitians live in the fear, unpeaceful environment. This is the roots, the first reason lead to all the sadness, problems, and tragedy of the characters.

Firstly, the description horrifies me. It gave me an impressive picture of the different world that I never imagine. The fierce, the “blood”, the “soldiers”, “betraying”, all those words impress me, show me the horrible life that Haitians have to suffer. By the passage, I can understand how important the society has on people’s life. If Haiti was a peaceful country, Martine, Atie might not have all terrible problems that they have today. The passage raises me a feeling. Felling of gratefulness of how lucky I am, living in a peaceful life which I have seen it as a normal thing.

Second quote
“You are going to work hard here”, she said, “and no one going to break your heart because you cannot read or write. You have a chance to become the kind of woman Atie and I have always wanted to be. If you make something of yourself in life, we will all succeed. You can raise our head”(pg.44)

The passage, which belongs to Martine, Sophie’s mom, let readers know more about her. Her aspired dreams, her hope, her lost. Martine wants to be respected, to be “somebody”; she wants to make something for herself in life. But she has none of it. Her life, her tragedy, herself prevents her from those things. Martine reveals her despair in her own...
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