Breastfeeding teaching plan

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19 year old G1, P!, 12 hours postpartum. Exhibiting anxiety related to fear of inability to breastfeed her newborn_


Private room of the patient at Big Sandy Regional Hospital_


The client will

Demonstrate an understanding of proper breastfeeding technique, a basic understanding of the body processes used in breastfeeding, and demonstrate a reduced level of anxiety._


Patient’s anxiety level, inexperience as a mother, location of the teaching-learning interaction_

OBJECTIVES (please list and number)
Following this transaction the learner will:
1. Allow nurse to assist with helping infant and mother create a good latch 2. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the physiology of breastfeeding 3. Acknowledge coping methods to deal with anxiety

4. Demonstrate an understanding of the health benefits that breastfeeding provides for newborns 5. Exhibit a willingness to continue with attempts at breastfeeding, so long as no physical or physiological issues (mother and infant) interfere with the process _______________________________________________________________________

CONTENT TO BE TAUGHT (specific, detailed -should address each objective) 1. The creation of a good latch are pivotal to a successful breastfeeding interaction. It helps the infant to receive the best possible nutrition, helps to prevent nipple soreness and tenderness in the mother, and makes for the best possible outcome for mother and baby. 2. The fact that a positive feedback cycle exists in a breastfeeding mother that keeps the milk descending into the mammary glands and breast tissue. The initial lactation will not actually be breast milk, but colostrum, which contains important immune globulins, carbohydrates, and other substances needed by the newborn. Also, a mother’s milk will change its composition to suit the needs of the newborn. 3....
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