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Every year over four million women have babies. Every one of these new mothers must make an important decision for herself and her baby: to breastfeed or to bottle feed? One might assume intuitively that the matter is something calling for personal reflection, that it's an intimate decision, not open to public comment. But that's far from the case-ask any new mother! Breast-versus-bottle is not just the subject of discreet debate; these days it's become a topic arousing impassioned argument and ideological fervor. Nor is the controversy limited just to new mothers and fathers; everyone has an opinion: doctors, childcare experts, grandparents, employers, teachers, childless couples, and even complete strangers who just happen to be watching as the new mother begins to feed her baby in a public place. The simple act of taking out a formula bottle can make a parent the target of repeated unsolicited advice, and even public criticism. That's a big change from about a decade or so ago. It used to be that when a woman started to breastfeed her baby in public, she had to be ready for stares and sometimes rude remarks from strangers. But fortunately for nursing women, advocates of breastfeeding have worked tirelessly and effectively to change public attitudes and promote acceptance of nursing as a normal and natural way to feed an infant at any time or place. Now many states have laws protecting the rights of nursing mothers. Now many employers have set aside rooms for new mothers to express milk for their babies. Now all formula manufacturers put an acknowledgment on the labels of all their products stating that breast milk is the best choice for infant nutrition. Now most obstetricians, unless told otherwise by their patients, simply assume that the new mother will breastfeed her baby.



To determine out of the sample population the most common method used by mothers in feeding their babies.


1. To know the common methods used by mothers.
2.To know the benefits that the babies can get from breast feeding and bottle feeding. 3.To determine the difference between breast feeding and bottle feeding.



The survey research intends to find out the sample population of the most common used method by mothers in feeding their babies.


1.What are the common methods used by mothers?
2.What are the benefits that the babies can get from breast feeding and bottle feeding? 3.What is/are the difference between breast feeding and bottle feeding?

The breast feeding and bottle feeding are the common methods used by mothers in feeding their babies. In this study, we the researchers knew the most practical method between breast feeding and bottle feeding. We also knew the importance and the difference between these two methods. According to the mothers response breast-feeding facilitates bonding between a mother and infant that is emotionally satisfying to both participants. The mother develops nurturing behaviors. The infant, in turn, learns trust. The most important advantage to breast-feeding is that breast milk provides an infant with significant protection against chronic diseases such as allergies and asthma; and infectious diseases including meningitis, diarrhea, ear infections, and pneumonia. The immune components of breast milk constantly change to meet the infant's need to be protected against new infections. As the infant's own immune system grows more capable, the concentration of antibodies and anti-infection agents in the milk gradually declines. Breast-feeding also benefits the mother by reducing her risk of developing ovarian cancer, pre-menopausal breast cancer, osteoporosis, and hip fractures in later life. On the other hand, some mothers prefer to use bottle feeding because they experience a decreased sex drive...

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