Breast Feeding Advantages and Disadvantages

Topics: Breastfeeding, Breast milk, Infant Pages: 3 (1014 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding and bottle feeding to find which is better

This piece of writing is going to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of breast and bottle feeding to find which method is better. By researching the information that is available then there should be a definitive answer to the question that has been asked. This essay will be looking at both methods, providing both advantages and disadvantages of breast and bottle feeding to conclude which method is better for both mother and baby.

When it is looked into, both methods have their advantages. With breast feeding, one of the most important things that a mother can do after a baby is born is bond with it, and breast feeding is an excellent way of doing this. The mother is able to bond with her newborn, cradling the infant in her arms and close to her body, which allows the baby to feel warm and comforted, similar to the surroundings in the womb, which the baby will be used to, and will allow the baby to know that they are safe. Bottle feeding also helps the mother bond with her baby, as again, the baby is cradled in the mother’s arms, however bottle feeding can allow others, such as the father, to bond with the child and take a more active role in the baby’s feeding times.

Both methods are extremely nourishing for the baby, especially breast milk. Within breast milk is everything the baby requires for growth and health. One of the things that is found in breast milk, that is not in formula milk are antibodies. These antibodies help the baby’s immune system and allow the baby to effectively fight off disease, and these antibodies are not included within formula milk, which can be deterring for a mother as research has shown that babies who are not breast fed have a higher risk of infection and are more likely to spend time in hospital in their first year (BBC, 2010), which could be a direct link with the antibodies contained within breast milk....
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