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Breastfeeding is often the most important and most neglected part of childcare. In today’s world of jet setting women and ever shortening maternity and child care leave the importance of breast feeding is not being recognised. Breast milk is the best nutrition for a baby till it is six months old. Breast milk is specifically designed for the immature GI system of the infant and it is easily digested. It has the right proportions of fat, protein and sugars. The sugar present in breast milk, lactose is easily digested and is sufficient for all the requirement of the baby.
Breast milk also provides the baby with sodium, potassium and water in the right quantities.
Breast milk also contains plenty of antibodies. These antibodies are vital to provide immunity to the baby. The first secretion of breast is called colostrums and it is rich in antibodies. It should never be discarded. Apart from all the above mentioned benefits, breast feeding also fosters closeness between the infant and mother. It is also beneficial for the mother, as long as she breast feeds, she will remain anovulatory, thus prevent a second unplanned pregnancy.
Bottle feeding has become the social norm. Today more women are working outside the home and formula feeding seems to be faster and more flexible, and hostility towards breastfeeding has been adapted. Those who choose to breast feed are looked down upon, and more often than not, breast feeding in public is not an option for them. Although it is seldom, women are even seen in the news for causing negative reaction to breastfeeding in public. The breast has become sexual symbol. People view the breast as erotic and women and are usually viewed through the never ending desire of men. This has implanted the idea that women's breasts exist solely for the purpose of pleasure to others, and not for the purpose of providing nourishment to their young. When people see a woman breastfeeding, their reaction is usually awkwardness and

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