Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in women, and over the last decade, treatments toward a cure have achieved remarkable results. One of the best non –medical treatments is the support group for cancer survivors. I feel that groups like the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition provide a critical service to women undergoing the challenges of fighting cancer because they help support their emotional needs, which sometimes get overlooked during medical procedures. The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition is a group of breast cancer survivors who raise funds for breast cancer research and support each other through many community events. One such event is the “Monster Mile Walk for a Cause” which was held at Dover Downs on Saturday, October 20. Dozens of walkers who are either survivors or supporters gathered to walk the Monster Mile after raising money through generous donations from friends, family, community , and local businesses. This outpouring of support, both in monetary donations, and physical participation was energizing and encouraging to all people touched by cancer. Everyone there had some link to cancer: either a personal diagnosis, or that of a loved one. Being in a group of people basically in the same boat is a lifeline, especially when so many of the women are long-term survivors. The messages of the event were “strength and hope” and a mile walk alongside other survivors was another of the many affirmations I’ve received about life after cancer. I was very proud to have been able to participate in this event. There were many other participants who are old friends, and also many new friends I’ve met through the DBCC. When I am around the other survivors I can only feel lifted up by their enthusiasm for life, and that attitude helps me be the same way. The “Walk for a Cause” was just one example of how beneficial support groups are to those who need to feel that they’re not...
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