Breast Cancer

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Do you know what is breast cancer? Breast cancer is a malignant tumour that develops from cells in the breast. How breast cancer spreads to other parts of the body? The cancer cells grow and divide out of control, invading and damaging nearby tissues and organs. Cancer cells also break away from the original tumour and enter the bloodstream or lymphatic system. This spread of the cancer is called metastasis. Breast cancer may appear as a lump but there are many different types of breast lumps. Most lumps are harmless, or benign. Benign lumps are abnormal, but not life-threatening.

Who is at most risk? Men? Female? Or both of them will get breast cancer? The answer is female and male will get breast cancer. However, breast cancer is a female diseases, percentage of men get breast cancer is very low. For example, In Malaysia, the National Cancer Registry reported 56 news cases of male breast cancer in 2002 ; About 1% of cases occur in men (around 300 per year in the UK). For female, the percentage of Malaysian women get breast cancer is 30% in 2002 and 31% in 2003.

What are the causes of breast cancer? A woman’s risk of getting breast cancer increases with age. More than 80% of cases occur in women over 50. If you have one close relative such as mother and sister with breast cancer, it will doubles up your risk of getting breast cancer. Most cancer patients may not have a family history of the cancer, nor any exposure to known environment trigger. Women who have received high-dose ionizing radiation to the chest have a relative risk of breast cancer. Besides that, taking alcohol such as more than one glass per day to an increased risk of breast cancer. Taking the contraceptive pill slightly increase the risk too. Taking hormone replacement therapy significantly increases your risk somewhat more, but the health benefits derived from hormone replacement are better overall.

What are the symptoms of breast cancer? Early breast cancer can in some cases...
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