Breaking the Yoke of the Discrimination Against Higher National Diploma

Topics: Academic degree, Diploma, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: June 18, 2013
BREAKING THE YOKE OF THE DISCRIMINATION AGAINST HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA A clinical analysis of the discrimination against Higher National Diploma (HND) as it affects employment opportunity for holders of the certificate will reveal that the real issue is actually limited jobs opportunities out there and not the discrimination itself. In a booming economy with sufficient job opportunities, national diploma certificate alone is sufficient to land a good job that will guarantee decent living. If bagging a bachelor's degree guarantees automatic employment, there won't be numerous unemployed university graduates out there. Either your hold HND or bachelor’s degree, you'll still have to compete for the limited job opportunities available. The HND holder however has the advantage of starting small with jobs requiring National Diploma (ND) (some degree holders who had passed through the polytechnic before proceeding to the university also have this advantage). However, after securing a job, the HND holder still has to acquire additional academic qualification(s) in order to rise to the zenith of his/her career. What then are the alternatives available to the HND and holder and how does he/she break the discrimination barrier?

This is the most effective weapon against unemployment and all forms of limitations associated with the discriminations against HND. With your HND certificate, you can create job for yourself and even degree holders.

2.Professional Certifications
Getting an internationally recognised professional certificate also increases the chance of securing a job. Despite the discrimination, most employers will still prefer a HND holder with relevant internationally recognised certificate to a fresh university graduate with none.

3.Master’s Degree
Studying further for a master's degree is another way of breaking the barrier of the discrimination. There are two categories of master's degree; professional and academic. All...
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