Breaking the Spell

Topics: English-language films, Cognition, Understanding Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Bonus Assignment:
In a total of 200 words or less, answer the following two questions: 1. What is a HADD? What aspects of religion does it help to explain, and how? 2. What is an “exopsychic decision procedure”? What aspects of religion does it help to explain, and how?

Submit correct, coherent answers to by July 23, and I will add 2 marks to your final course mark.
The subject line of your email should read: “CPHL709 Bonus Assignment.”

HADD stands for Hyperactive agent detection device which acts as a built in or early learned tendency or mental tool to help people understand changes in their environment. As well, it aids in detecting early motives. By stimulating unclear aspects of an environment which then produces belief or clarity in such confusing aspects of an environment, it helps to explain religion and how knowledge is acquired from God. (if that makes any sense) An exopsychic decision procedure is something along the lines of “passing the buck” as humans attempt to learn or help understand their religion to some extent by passing the responsibility on to someone else who would do the same. To help explain religion, prediction of what the gods would do help religious followers make their own decisions thus forming a perceived way of following religion which gets passed on to following generations. No one really knows for sure why certain religious acts are followed, but as long as no one is questioning the acts, they continue to be practised even though no one really knows the reason behind it.
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