Breaking Poor Reading Habits

Topics: Reading, Speed reading, Eye Pages: 4 (1521 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Breaking Poor Reading Habits
a)The Overworked Eye
Reading does not occur when the eyes are moving. Vision transfer occurs when the eyes stop during the fixation phase. The fixation phase of the eye is approximately a quarter of a second for natural reading. Eye overwork occurs when reading a sentence requires excess eye movements and eye fixations. The eyes perform considerable work for little information. As an example, consider the following sentence

Our biggest expansion opportunity will come from volume licencing in Japan. A slow reader may move their eyes across the following sentence as follows. Each fixation is represented symbolically by a left and right parenthesis pair. (our) (big)(gest) (ex)(pan)(sion) (op)(port)(tunity) (will) (come) (from) (vol)(ume) (lic)(en)(cing) (in) (Jap)(an). This reading example describes 20 eye movements and 20 eye fixations i.e. 40 different eye operations. This considerable eye work is one reason that slow readers get tired. Increased ocular and mental workload often leads to poor comprehension. Many studies have shown that better readers read the text in bigger chunks - this means fewer eye operations in order to read and understand the same amount of text as compared with a slower reader. A fast reader may read the sentence as shown below: (our biggest expansion) (opportunity will come) (from volume licensing) (in Japan) Reading this text takes a proficient reader four eye movements, four eye fixations, and eight eye operations. This is five times less work than a slow reader, requiring much less effort, with better speed and higher comprehension resulting. Faster readers will often have better comprehension because they can read more quickly and details of the sentence remain fresh in their mind. However, slower readers may have forgotten the ideas in the first half of the sentence by the time they read the second half. Hence the slower reader is likely to understand less of what they read. RocketReader incorporates...
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