Breaking Into the Watergate

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, President of the United States Pages: 3 (825 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Jake Marzofka

“Breaking Into Watergate”

As I read through “Breaking into Watergate” I found it a very interesting read. Based on the knowledge I knew about the Watergate scandal and what I have read in the opening section of the chapter, I did not know a lot. The author presented a great summary on what actually happened during court trails as well as confessions and how the court figured out that Nixon was a part of the whole thing. The author’s main focus on this chapter was about evidence and tape recordings. Tape recordings made it possible to figure out the verdict of the Watergate Scandal. The writer of this document made it clear that there were many points about this subject. One of the points being, without tape recording evidence, it would have not been possible to catch the criminal behind the scenes. Another main point that the author makes is that, even though the evidence is there for the Nixon case, there are still things being left out. At the end of the reading the author mentions questions like, “If the tapes confirm what we already know, why get so excited?” as well as “What is left for the tapes to tell?” With those questions in mind that brings up another valid point, should the tapes be valid enough to prove that Nixon is guilty? These main points that author makes play a big part in the Watergate scandal and the main points being: how additional evidence is necessary, what is being left out with the evidence provided, and is it enough evidence to convict Nixon.

Without tape recording evidence, it would have been a criminal’s word versus the President of the United States word. It would have been quite obvious that the President would win this battle, but if there were some sort of evidence that could prove what the criminal was saying true then it is a whole new story. The author makes a clear point that sufficient evidence is the key to even the most non believable situations. According to the author, before Nixon was in office,...
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