Breaking Bad

Topics: Antisocial personality disorder, Human, Psychopathy Pages: 8 (3211 words) Published: April 26, 2010
Everybody breaks bad sometimes. When I was a child, I loved going for the cookie jar before dinner, even though I was told “No.” I can recall many adventures through “haunted caves” and dares to go and steal something from yard of the neighborhood “witch”. All of humanity at some point has felt this feeling: the urge to break away from what we know as right in order to give us a special thrill. College students do this through drinking and drugs, and as they grow into adults do it through lying and cheating about what they are doing. But what if the reasons they are doing these bad things are for a greater good? What if I am getting a cookie before dinner because I want to share it with my friend who never gets to eat cookies? On the other hand, what if my whole life revolves around getting a cookie every day? Throughout history, there have been countless criminals who have left their mark on the world. Some are remembered as ruthless psychopaths, and yet others are praised and honored for their crime. Why does this happen? What pushed these people, who appear no different from you or I, to commit these crimes? Since the beginning of time, people have been breaking bad. In fact, in the Bible’s story of Adam and Eve, it states that it is one of the first things humans ever did. The Garden of Eden was paradise. Adam and Eve had everything they needed to be happy. God gave them rule over all creation, all the food they wanted, and not to mention, the ability to run around naked and not be embarrassed. God gave them one rule: “Do not eat from the tree of life.” One would wonder why they would ever break the rule and risk losing this paradise. The reason lies in one theory to why humans break bad. Christianity and other religions all believe in some Satan, Devil, or negative energy that causes us to turn away from good and choose bad. In the story, Satan, in the form of a snake tempted Eve, by making her believe that if she ate from the tree of life, she would have knowledge like that of God. Eve’s paradise fell apart as she gave into her desire for the thrill of the unknown. She brought forth another human element of doing something wrong as well. After she bit the apple, she went to her partner Adam, and told him of the knowledge he could gain by eating the fruit, and Adam reciprocated. Often times when we are afraid or want to rationalize rebellion, we seek out others to partake in whatever we are doing that is bad. As the story goes, Adam and Eve feel into a harsh reality, and were faced with a disappointed God. Whether one chooses to believe this as the truth of creation or not, the tale speaks about many qualities of human nature. One of which is the desire to take a look into the unknown, even if it means leaving “paradise” behind. Michael Vick was an all-star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. He was a crowd favorite a role model to the children who watched him. In 2006, he gained a total salary of 8,401,980 million dollars (Michael). One might say Michael Vick was in paradise. Why then in 2007 would he choose to take part in illegal dog fights? Much like Adam and Eve, Vick’s paradise shattered and he was shunned away from his perfect reality, and his fans were disappointed. Superstars like Mike Vick, and other celebrities are thrust into the limelight, because of their superior talent or family name. After hearing of secret life these celebrities live, one may explain their actions through John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton’s famous quote “"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” The quote was written by a questioning catholic regarding Papal power, but holds true for anyone put in a position of power (Power). As mentioned before, Superstars either climb to the top or get their instantly because of some great talent or who they are, once they are at the top and have tasted the fruit from the tree, there is no climbing back down. In an opinion article,...

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