Breakfast Club

Topics: Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy, English-language films Pages: 1 (422 words) Published: April 8, 2009
The Breakfast Club The Breakfast Club is an all American teen film that was introduced to the world in 1985. Even though this film is a couple of decades old, the storyline still fits in with most adolescence's lives today. The film takes place in a high school library, where we are introduced to our five main characters in the movie. They are all in Saturday detention because they broke school rules, and they are not happy at all about being there. All of the students are from different cliques in school, and are very reluctant to interact with one another. But once they form their bonds with one another, their only fear is that once they leave detention, they will return to their normal lives and never speak to each other again. In the film, the students are at the adolescence age, and psychologist G. Stanley Hall described this as being a very stressful and stormy part of life. One big change teens experience is puberty and sexual behavior, which is one subject touched on in the film. For example, Claire (the spoiled rich girl) and Brian (the nerd) express they are ashamed of their virginity. Puberty brings on sexual desire. Sexual activity among teenagers in the U.S. increases in high school, because this is the time when puberty has come and girls grow their bodies and guys grow tall and voices get deep. Because of these sexual desires, the teen pregnancy rate is higher in the United States than any other country in the world. Another big change that teens go through is social relationships. Most adolescents have a good relationship with their parents. Those who do not have a bigger chance of sing drugs or drinking. Allyson and John both do not have good relationships with their parents, and both of them are seen smoking cigarettes in the film. John Bender even sneaks out of the library at one point to go smoke a blunt before the principal comes back. These signs of rebellion are signs that there may be problems at home. I feel that the reason we have so...
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