Breakfast Audit Project

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Project Breakfast Audit and Operational Manual


1. Student will be asked to prepare a paper that explains the breakfast buffet operation.

2. Conduct an audit that will give the reader an in depth view and understanding of the breakfast operation.

3. Student will elaborate an operational manual for breakfast detailing all important points that would assist a new outlet chef to operate and maintain the quality of the breakfast operation without any assistance from an existing staff.


All material needs to be typed
You need to answer each section and use the titles provided in the template below. Photos and drawings are desired but need to be elaborated pointing out details. Do not place a photo of a food item without a clear explanation. The photo needs to fulfill a clear purpose and assist in an instruction. Quality of information as well as layout and presentation of operational manual are criteria for the evaluation. The lay out should consider not to waste any paper and back to back printing where appropriate is a must. English needs to be checked and proof reading before you submit is a must!

I will not look at the document if the page break, lay out is not professional

Student are requested to elaborate on the following topics

Please explain where the breakfast buffet is served and state the opening time and the closing time

Explain the menu selection for the buffet and provide a black and white copy of the a la carte breakfast menu. I do not want you to make pictures of the menu selection but write down all the offering

Is the breakfast buffet selection the same every day or does it have a cycle of change? Please list the changes

Please explain how work is divided among the different shifts and chefs who prepare each item from the menu selection. You have to elaborate a detailed work plan that reflects quantities (in kilo as well as per platter, bowl etc ) prepared of each breakfast item on a daily basis as well as when it is prepared. You are requested to provide information of how many hours per day are how many kitchen staff working for the breakfast buffet? This information could be in a form of a table example below |Menu Item |Quantities in kilos and serving dish |Shift |Name of chef |Timing | |Task | | | | | |Fruit Platter |6kg on 3 platters |C |Amer |8pm to 10 pm | |Danish pastry |100 pcs total 5 kinds |C |Yousef |1am to 3 am |

Operational standards of the hotels breakfast food production?

What qualities steps are in place to ensure that the breakfast is the same quality every day?

What HACCP or CCP measures are in place to ensure that food on the breakfast is safe? List everything that is done at the restaurant to ensure servesafe. List who does it and when it is done.

Elaborate a plan of the buffet setup that shows the whole buffet area and also shows exactly where everything has to be placed when the chefs set up the buffet This could be a drawing

List all the equipment that is needed to arrange the food items for buffet set up Important you do not need to report the equipment that is fixed in the kitchen but rather a detail list of equipment needed to setup the buffet and to cook food in front of guest. For example if the stove on the egg station is fixed and is not moved every day you do not need to mention it. Example below. You also do not need to list the equipment that is on the guest table only what is needed on the buffet setup. Photos and explanations may be useful here. If used we use a photo standard of 5cmx5cm as provided below.

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