Breaker Morant

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*Breaker Morant Essay!* In 1899-1902 when the Boer war was going Morant and Handcock were found guilty for murdering Boer prisoners and giving out orders that weren’t allowed to be given out. These were Morant and Handcock’s last words to Witton.
Witton- (Saying Good-Bye to Morant and Handcock). “Harry! Peter!”
Handcock- “See you in hell, mate!”
Morant- (gripping George’s hand) “Good-Bye George.
Witton- (sobbing) “Why did they do this to us, Harry? WHY?”
Morant- “They have to apologize for their damned war. They’re trying to end it now, so they need scapegoats”
Witton- (been dragged away by prison guards) “Harry! Peter!”
Morant- “George! We’re scapegoats to the bloody empire!”
Witton- (being led past the soldiers preparing their rifles for Morant and Handcock’s firing squad) “Jesus!”
That was the very last time Witton spook to Morant and Handcock.
Now I will tell you the story why........ In 1884 Breaker Morant came to Australia from England, but later he eventually went in the Boer war. Morant became very friendly with Captain Hunt, which then joined a very special force known as Bushveldt Carabineers who patrolled against small roving bands of Boers. Were he was promoted as a Lieutenant.
Not long later Captain Hunt was found murdered by the Boers. Captain hunt was found in a really bad state also he was found naked in a gutter. His uniform had been stolen to disguise a Boer.
Morant had Handcock of Bathurst and Witton from Melbourne and also and English man, go out hunting for the killers of Captain Hunts murder.
Morant the senior office declared that no prisoners should be taken, they must be carried out. A man from the Boers named Visser was shot because he was a part of the group that was responsible for the murder of Captain Hunt, Visser also was found wearing Captain hunts uniform. In the Court Martial Morant took full responsibly on himself with Visser being shot.
Morant went to the lord Kitchener to say that all Boers caught wearing

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