Breadtalk Total Branding Solution

Topics: Viral marketing, Brand, Brand management Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: October 14, 2008
BreadTalk is a pioneer in the food and beverage field. The company invests on average S$500,000 into each new store, using sleek and modern interior design to create a unique ambience, comfortable environment and very special shopping experience for their customers. From the glass panels of the shop front to the sleek white display shelves and neatly arranged appliances in the stainless steel open-plan kitchen, BreadTalk invites customers in-store with the delicious smell of fresh and hygienically baked bread. The mind-boggling variety of bread is made before their very eyes, in a clean and modern environment; customers are left in little doubt of BreadTalk’s commitment to care and innovation. BreadTalk has established a strong brand equity through various marketing channels and communication designs. The company sees little need to spend much on above-the-line advertising, using cost-effective in-store promotions instead. The unique BreadTalk experience helps generate brand awareness and preference through consumer word-of-mouth and viral marketing techniques. BreadTalk is constantly innovating and developing new creative products; every quarter, it changes 20% of its product range to ensure interest and excitement for its customers. Every BreadTalk item is inspired by a current popular trend, concepts reflecting social trends and contemporary lifestyles, capturing the imagination of customers with the quirky names (eg Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bacon, Moshi Mushroom), and interesting stories coupled with visual appeal. BreadTalk aims to elevate the eating of bread to a cultural level, appealing to a discerning group of customers who appreciate good quality products; purchasing bread becomes a multi-sensory experience. Primary target audiences are working professionals, and BreadTalk’s total branding solution transforms the daily task of buying bread into a new lifestyle experience. BreadTalk’s concept is undoubtedly a success. Long queues are seen every day at its...
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