Breadtalk Essay

Topics: Management, Corporate social responsibility, Sociology Pages: 4 (1264 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Question 1: What is Corporate Social Responsibility and how could this influence the organisational behaviour of ‘Breadtalk’? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is where corporations or organisations are obliged to inter-relate their businesses with behaving in ethical and moral ways. It is where such corporations have notions towards having responsibility to the society that upholds them. Examples of ethical and moral ways varies from giving back to needy groups in terms of monetary funding and healthcare, to integrating CSR strategies directly into the business tactic of an organisation. By means of integrating is having “employee-friendly human resource policy where safety in workplace, social security benefit, flexible office hour, recreation and other benefits are included” (cited in The Financial Express, 2010). ‘Breadtalk’, well-known for its commitment in providing the best for its customers in different countries, have given back to the society and providing internal support throughout its company. ‘Breadtalk’ continuously provides on-the-job training and supervision for its employees, awarding opportunities for head departments to hold higher positions abroad; such as overseeing business processes. Having close human relations have forged strong ties into branching out its brand even more till ‘Breadtalk’ now operates across 17 countries and all of which are carefully chosen locations. Overseas operations are guarded by key players who are chosen with good qualifications and competent ones that work well with other key players in the company. In commemorating its 10th birthday, ‘Breadtalk’ donated $50,000 to needy school children of The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund in Singapore from 5 cents from the sale of each Floss bun. Organisational behaviour is the study of understanding the behaviour of individuals and to see them so that organisations can relate to such behaviours that come in a variety and find solutions for them. For...

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