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1. Guide’s certificate

2. Acknowledgement

3. Objectives

4. Research methods / Methodology

5. Scope of research/study

6. Limitations of study

7. Study analysis

8. Inference / conclusion

9. Bibliography

10. Appendix


I Mr. Vipul Singhal hereby certify that Mr. Ashar Khan a student of third year (B.Sc in H.H.A, IHM PUSA) has pursued and completed his research work and prepared the research PROJECT under my guidance and supervision. The research work is the result of his research/findings to the best of my knowledge.

This is being submitted to the Institute Of Hotel Management, IHM PUSA for Integrated Learning Management for the fulfillment of the requirements of the three year full-time degree in hotel Management in part.

(Mr. Vipul Singhal)


I am extremely grateful to Mr. R.K. Gupta (Faculty) who guided me throughout the compilation and completion of the research project. He provided valuable suggestions and helped me in the decision making process as well, all of which were required for the successful completion of the project and I consider it a privilege to have received knowledge and a great deal of learning from him and other people who helped me during the course of events and without whom the completion of the project would not have been possible.


• To find the different types of breads used at eateries in Delhi.

• To find the basic ingredients used in the production of breads.

• To find the methods implied for the production of breads.

• To find out if any modifications or improvements which may have been made to these breads to suite the local culture.


The Research Methods may be defined as those methods or techniques that are used for conducting the research. Marketing research is defined as systematic collection and analysis of data relating to the marketing of goods and services. Research methods can be put into the following groups:

1. Desk Research: The first category includes methods concerned with the collection of data. The application of this method will be required if the already available information is not sufficient to arrive at the required solution.

2. Experimentation: The second way is to use the statistics available or gathered that serve as the primary data, used for establishing relationship between variables.

3. Observation: The third methodology consists of ways & means to evaluate the accuracy of the results obtained. Observations can be made by conducting the following surveys:

1. Garbage Survey

2. Time & Motion Survey

3. Sample Survey: A survey conducted among a counted number of people can be helpful in gathering essential knowledge of the subject & also deriving appropriate conclusions.

It can be done through any of the following means:

--- Telephone,

--- Post,

--- E-mail.

In the beginning to get more familiar to the topic secondary in formation on the subject was collected from studies done on Project . The source of secondary data was restricted to the library of the institute of hotel Management and Different Hotels.

It was decided to use a controlled opinion questionnaire and that too of alternative choice variety . This type of questionnaire was selected for two reasons.

• Primary sources: Hotels, Teacher

• Secondary source: Internet and Books


The scope of research includes the following areas:

1. Materials Management: It is used in selecting the supplier, taking the decisions pertaining to make or buy as well as in deciding the negotiation strategies.

2. General...
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