Breaching Folkways

Topics: Basketball, Shoe, Shoelaces Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Breaching Folkways
The typical group that I associate with is the gym group and basketball group. A lot of my time is spent at the gym, whether it’s playing basketball or lifting weights. In the basketball group I’m given the role of a shooter on the basketball court, in which my role is to make shots when given the ball. My achieved status in the gym is basketball player. I have made a lot of friends and acquaintances. I have built camaraderie’s with those who I compete with, but before and after the games and outside of the gym I’m known to other hoopers as the guy who plays ball at the gym. I know all the argot and lingo associated with basketball and the gym, so I’m not out of place, but when going to the gym and reaching the courts they have one goal in mind and that is to play and not socialize.

As I’m walking through 24 hour fitness I see a lot of familiar faces those of which I have never spoken to and those who I have played with or have a mutual friend. As I reach the courts and walk along the baseline I sit down and see an acquaintance and I sit next to him and start to put my basketball shoes on and to act normal like every time that I go to the gym. I say “What’s up man?” He tells me “I’m doing good, chillen. How are you?” The normal response would be “I’m good, coming here to get a good sweat.” Instead I start telling him “I’m pissed, I just bought new basketball shoes about a month ago and the shoe lace on my right pair of shoes ripped while I was tying them, right when I was ready to play in a men’s league game. So then I had to make a knot to connect the laces so I could play.” You can tell that he was pretending to be interested but at the same time listening and nodding while I was talking. Then he says, “Damn, that sucks. So are you going to play today?” He tried to switch topics so he could go warm up, but I wasn’t done telling him the rest of my story. “Yea, I thought I had just one bad pair of shoe laces, but then a week later the lace...
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