Brazil X Usa

Topics: United States, Fast food, Poverty in the United States Pages: 3 (1267 words) Published: November 27, 2005
Brazil X United States

It is known that countries in the world have their differences; and talking about Brazil and the United States is in the same line. Overall, the culture in these two big countries is the main contrast between them. People from both countries may like or dislike their own country or the other, but it is impossible to say which country is better because it varies from person to person. However, it is impossible not to realize the big differences in the culture of Brazil and United States. Lifestyle, Food, and Security are the biggest differences of the countries when viewed against each other.

Lifestyle is, maybe, the most different point among Brazil and the United States. While in the United States people have well paid wages and salaries, in Brazil a lot of people pray to have any job. In the United States, you rarely see people living in bad conditions; in Brazil, watching people asking for food is our "postcard". The houses have completely different styles. In the US, you see many more houses made of wood than you do in Brazil, even in small cities. In Brazil, most houses are made by bricks and cement. The culture has affected the personality of the people in each country. In general, people in the United States are more extravagant, outgoing, liberal, and open minded. In Brazil people have a less extravagant behavior. It does not mean that Brazilian people are difficult to deal or to have as friends, but they kind of have a more contained behavior (a behavior that does not call such attention) than Americans. I can prove that saying what everybody knows: Brazilians do have a reputation of being nice, sociable, and welcoming. Each culture set each country; it is not something that people choose. Whatever the culture is, the politicians, who represent and "take care" of its respectively country, leave a lot to be desired in public cares in Brazil. Seeing people asking for money in the biggest Brazilian cities is not a big deal. It...
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